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This is Mr. Charles Riddle, your District Attorney for Avoyelles Parish, 12th JDC.

His Story

   Charles Riddle was State Representative for Avoyelles Parish from 1992 to Jan. 2003. He was elected District Attorney on October 5, 2002 and sworn in on January 13, 2003. As your Representative in Baton Rouge he authored over 100 bills with over sixty becoming law. 

   Riddle was born in Marksville, LA on June 8, 1955. He was married to Susan Noone Riddle who died in 2018,. They are the parents of three sons, Addison, born in 1978; John, born in 1980; and Michael, born in 1983. He has six grandsons, Collin, born in 2000, Easton, born March 12, 2022, Landen Michael who was born on July 5, 2003,  Hanlin Jacob who was born on October 30, 2003, Ryder Riddle who was born in December 2011 and Heny Riddle who was born in 2012.  He has one granddaughter, Camille Riddle, who was born in 2009.  John and Michael are pastors of Life Point in Mansura and In the Beginning Church in Marksville, respectively.  Addison, married to Amber, is living in Pineville working in Construction Engineering.  John is married to Virginia, and Henry Michael is married to Danielle.

   Charles is currently married to Jamie McNeal Riddle whom he married on April 17, 2021. He is the Stepfather to Brooke Laborde.

   Charles Riddle has practiced law in Avoyelles and throughout the state since 1980 after graduating from LSU Law School. He joined the firm Riddle and Bennett (Started by his grandfather, Charles Riddle, and continued by his father, Charles Riddle, Jr.) In 1981, Charles entered the solo practice of law.  He has a partnership with Jenny Donaghey and works as Riddle and Donaghey Law Office.

   Riddle is an experienced attorney in the court room and had practiced criminal defense law, in addition to other trial work before becoming District Attorney. He has handled cases in approximately thirty different parishes. He has also authored and coauthored many bills in the legislature in an effort to improve our criminal justice system. He was the author of the allocution bill which is now state law. Allocution is the process by which victims have the right to speak at sentencing hearings of the criminals who committed crimes against them. 

   Charles Riddle has spent most of his adult life in public service. In 1983 Charles was elected to serve on the Democratic Central Committee for Avoyelles Parish. He served until 1988 and then was elected to the Democratic Parish Committee. From 1988 to 1992 Charles served as the Marksville Chamber of Commerce president. He has been a member since 1981. Charles is also a member of the Marksville Lions Club and the Bunkie Rotary Club (since 1987). 

   In 1990, Riddle was unsuccessful in his run for District Attorney. He was elected from a field of six candidates to the House of Representatives in 1992 receiving 40% of the vote in the first primary. In 1995 Riddle was reelected with nearly 60% of the votes with a field of three candidates. He was reelected in 1999 without opposition. Riddle was elected with 60% of the vote in the October 2002 election for District Attorney. Riddle was reelected without opposition in 2008 and again in 2014.  In a contested race in 2000 Riddle was re-elected for a fourth six-year term.  Further, Riddle served as President of the LDAA for the 2008-2009 term. He has also served on the Board of Directors for the LDAA for many years.  He currently serves on Red River Delta Board. Riddle helped to organize and form the central Louisiana Justice Center and helped to open the Faith House Domestic Violence shelter to open in Mansura to serve a seven Parish area.

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